Discover Plameca's must-haves for this summer

Plameca presents two new must-haves for this summer that you can't miss in your vacation suitcase - a must-have to take with you wherever you go!

We all know that on vacations we forget our schedules and leave aside our daily routine. We have more time and we tend to neglect our habits so marked. In addition, inevitably we tend to make more excesses in meals and that can cause imbalances in our digestive system.

And if you are one of those who go on vacation to a city you will know that you will spend long hours walking in the heat and that affects the blood circulation and general fatigue. So on vacation we must take more precautions than usual, because a time that serves to recharge batteries may be that we get more tired!

That's why Plameca helps you come back refreshed this summer and don't forget these two products in your suitcase:

 Venalight Plus Vials for long walks under the sun

Ideal for hiking and sightseeing during the summer vacations. The new Venalight Plus vials shock treatment, includes its most advanced formula to combat venous insufficiency (varicose veins, tired legs and tingling) and improve the microcirculation of your legs.













Ideal for binge eating and binge eating

Don't leave home without it this summer. Digestíssimoh! is the most complete formula that helps you with heavy digestions and heartburn. It contains digestive enzymes, medicinal plant extracts, alkaline salts and probiotics to protect the entire gastrointestinal tract.