Polynoni Bio 1 L

1 L


POLYNONI® ORGANIC is a natural 100% noni juice obtained from ripe fruits of authentic Hawaiian noni grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soils of the Big Island of Hawaii (Polynesia).

  • NONI JUICE: Polynoni Bio is noni juice obtained by pressing authentic Hawaiian noni fruits from the Big Island of Hawaii (Polynesia), 100% pure and from organic farming.
  • ORGANIC AND ADDITIVE-FREE: Organic farming, also called biological or organic, is a system of production and processing of natural agricultural products. The main objective is to obtain food of the highest quality. The techniques used in organic farming are respectful of the environment and people because they restrict the use of synthetic chemicals (hormones, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.).
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Noni fruit juice (Morinda citrifolia) 100% pure 100% from organic farming.
Obtained by pressing authentic Hawaiian noni fruits from the Big Island of Hawaii (Polynesia).
No additives.

Per 100 ml Quantity
Energetic value 102 KJ = 24 kcal

of which saturates

< 0,1 g

<0,1 g


of which sugars

5.7 mg

4,4 g

Proteins 0,3 g
Salt 32.52 mg


Take two tablespoons dissolved in a glass of water or fruit juice, preferably on an empty stomach.
Do not drink directly from the bottle.
Once opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 30 days.

Shake before use.
Keep in cool and dry place.