*DRAWING CLOSED* DonnaBella Slim gives you "A Thousand and One Dreamy Nights".



DonnaBella® Slim, DonnaBella®'s innovative formula for a gorgeous figure, goes on sale today.

DonnaBella® Slim has been created from a woman's holistic point of view. The formula is designed for the stage in which important hormonal changes occur in us, which affect us both emotionally and physically.

With DonnaBella Slim, you'll feel more beautiful, slimmer and achieve the balance you need.

In addition, DonnaBella Slim gives you "A Thousand and One Nights of Dreams "*. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy DonnaBella® Slim
  2. Enter the code from the card inside the DonnaBella® Slim case, in the raffle section of www.plameca.com/donnabella.
  3. Fill in your data as indicated in www.plameca.com/donnabella.
  4. Read and accept the conditions of participation of the Sweepstakes on the website

Deadline for participation: June 30, 2016 (while the first 10,000 units of DonnaBella®Slim are sold out).

The names of the 10 winners will be published on www.plameca.com, as of July 7, 2016.

IMPORTANT: Keep the card as proof of your participation.

*subject to the terms and conditions of participation in the sweepstakes