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Quality of life

With Ber-Detox, toxins are out!

Our organism accumulates toxins either due to external factors that do not depend on us or as a result of our [...]

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Healthy Indications

5 superfoods to combat colds

With the arrival of cold weather, closed environments with heating and poor ventilation are a breeding ground for viruses and microbes [...]

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Quality of life

Is eating a yogurt and a piece of fruit healthy?

How many times have we heard that "today a light dinner, a yogurt and a piece of fruit, and then we'll [...]

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Trends and curiosities

Raw veganism

Raw veganism is a style of eating and diet based on raw vegetables and fruits. Derived from veganism, raw veganism [...]

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Healthy recipes

5 Benefits of sweet potatoes for health

We present the sweet potato, the main tuber of autumn Learn how to add this healthy tuber to your dishes [...]

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Healthy Indications

Brewer's yeast and 7 other foods to prevent hair loss

At Plameca we have spent the whole month giving you tips on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to avoid the fall of the [...]

Women's line

DonnaBella® Hair, Skin and Nails

Now you know DonnaBella®, a brand inspired by you: your feminine personality, your natural beauty, determination and positive spirit. [...]

Trends and curiosities

Black pepper, a spice valued in cooking and medicine

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a plant of Indian origin. Since ancient times, its fruit has been used as a natural [...]

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*DRAWING CLOSED* DonnaBella Slim gives you "A Thousand and One Dreamy Nights".

*DRAWING CLOSED* First Prize! DonnaBella® Slim, DonnaBella®'s innovative formula for a gorgeous figure, goes on sale today. [...]

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Weight Control

DonnaBella® Slim... Show off a gorgeous figure!

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