Raw veganism

Raw veganism is a style of eating and diet based on raw vegetables and fruits. Derived from veganism, raw veganism rejects all food that has been processed, and/or cooked. It is an exclusively vegan diet, no dairy and nothing that comes from any animal. Take a look at the article we wrote about raw veganism. raw food and uncooked foods that we explained to you a few months ago.


A lifestyle for many

Especially in the United States, is the place where this way of seeing and living life has the most followers. Veganism is based on abstinence from the use of any product of animal origin, both in the diet and in everyday products (cosmetics, clothing, medicines, etc.).

The International Vegetarian Union maintains that: "veganism can be defined as a way of life that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. In dietary terms, it refers to the practice of dispensing with all animal products, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, animal milks, honey and their derivatives".

So, raw veganism is a variant of veganism that concludes in not cooking the food that is eaten. So they only eat raw vegetables and hence its name.

Why choose raw veganism?

Adherents to this lifestyle follow the same arguments as vegans, as they share the same main bases:

They are characterized by their political position against animal abuse and the denunciation of excessive consumption of animal food.

Pollution issues. Raising livestock on a farm requires a large amount of resources such as water, land and fossil fuels. In addition, farms are major producers of methane, which pollutes the air.

To contribute to the eradication of world hunger through more efficient consumption and use of the Earth's food resources.

Therefore, it is not only about not eating anything that comes from an animal, but also about dressing without fur, avoiding cosmetics that test on animals, beauty products that contain any ingredient of animal origin.

Live food

All fruits and vegetables of organic origin are allowed, but always raw, never cooked, at the most heated to a temperature of maximum of 42ºC. Organic seeds, algae and nuts free of pesticides and, of course, GMOs are also suitable. Spring water (not bottled). All alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, processed cereals, dairy products, eggs, etc. are excluded. In addition to any clothing containing fur, leather or animal derivatives, cosmetics and products that have been tested on animals and/or contain ingredients of animal origin.

As with any type of diet you intend to follow, it is a new way of eating that must be closely monitored and followed by a specialist.


Don't obsess about dieting

There are many diet trends that come to light every day. Some of them are followed because they are promoted by celebrities, influencers and renowned personalities. Others are followed because they are a trend in some circles in which we usually move, such as detox, fit, alkaline, vegetarian or keto diets among many others. Some offer the protagonism to proteins, others to vegetables, others to fruits, others to water... But the common base of all of them is to take care of oneself, to have a healthy and young appearance as much as possible. What we know is that all excesses are bad and living on an eternal diet can have negative consequences for your body and your psyche if you do not know how to leave a margin for flexibility.

Those who venture in a very predetermined way in a weight loss plan can be almost obsessive to hear them talk about: forbidden foods, very reduced quantities, fasting, few meals a day, lots of sport, lots of water... And that is when obsession takes the leading role and the body does not know how to handle this stressful situation to which it is suddenly subjected. From 0 to 100 we will never achieve the long term and lasting results that can be obtained by gradually increasing and/or decreasing quantities, macronutrients, exercise... etc.

The best thing is balance and flexibility in everything you do and propose. Always leave room for flexibility, your body knows how to defend itself and it is not good to subject it to such strict diets from one day to the next. If you want to start a new diet plan, do it progressively and gradually, increase/decrease the foods and adapt the macronutrients week by week.