Tea tree, Plameca's new essential oil

At Plameca we are committed to your natural wellbeing and that is why we wanted to offer you one of the most used oils in natural medicine, for its multiple benefits: tea tree oil.

This September sees the birth of Tea Treea new Plameca product that uses 100% oil of Australian origin, and guarantees this origin by means of chiral analysis of the therapeutic components that makes it possible to differentiate the botanical and geographical origin of the oil, in addition to quantifying its purity.

Plameca tea tree oil guarantees a richness of 40% of terpinen-4-ol (main active ingredient of the tea tree) and 80% of total terpenes (main constituents of the essential oil of the tree); quantities well above the minimum required by international standards which establish a minimum of 30%.

In addition, this new Plameca product is free of colorants, parabens, perfumes and silicones.


What is tea tree?

Tea tree is a shrub native to the Australian subtropical coast and parts of New Zealand, whose oil has been traditionally recognized for its wonderful properties. The Aborigines of Australia have been using tea tree leaves for thousands of years for skin uses; after its discovery, British colonists were in charge of bringing this oil to Europe for its research and subsequent medicinal use.

Discover the Plameca Tea Tree.