How to improve concentration and memory in exam time

We are already in the month of May, a month in the middle of spring and the most important time for students. It is the final stretch to the evaluations, where the delivery of work and final exams invade the day to day.

A few days ago we explained how spring can affect our organismOur body needs special attention if we demand extra intellectual performance from it.

To combat this situation it is essential to be aware of it and help our body to achieve our goals. The brain is the epicenter of our body's entire nervous system, and we must observe, consider and train it in order to become aware of the state of our cognitive capacity and how we can improve it.


Techniques to improve our concentration and memory

To help our concentration and memory during exam time, and to have the body ready for the extra effort it needs this month, there are a series of techniques that we can use:

  • Rest. It is important that we organize our study time and establish spaces for rest. When we sleep our organism recovers energy and we reach our real memory capacity.
  • Hydrate. When we drink water, our brain cells receive oxygenated blood, so the brain remains alert. In cases of spring asthenia, drinking water is also ideal.
  • Practicing sports. By doing sports we release toxins and chemicals that make us feel good. By being good with our organism, we improve our productivity.
  • Being positive. The mind is very powerful, so we have to think that we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves. It is important to be optimistic about life and motivate ourselves by believing that we can.
  • Healthy eating. It is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet, with foods that provide us with energy, antioxidants and vitamins. We are what we eat.
  • Use study techniques. We should try different learning methods and find the one that works best for us. There are strategies to improve educational potential.

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