Committed to your natural well-being since 1984

The essence of Plameca is based on the return to natural, healthy, ecological and phytotherapy life, through the commercialization of food supplements of natural origin.

Plameca was founded in 1984 as a result of its founders' passion for medicinal plants and their application for medicinal use. Throughout these years, the company has initiated an international expansion plan, has expanded its headquarters and has promoted an important R&D&I project.

Plameca currently has a total of 150 food supplements, 35 dieticians and nutritionists at its disposal with its own diet system, 250 medicinal plants, as well as a third-party production service.

The company is already present in 25 countries around the world, in addition to having commercial offices in China. Plameca is committed to natural products, and that is why it wants to share its philosophy and products around the world.

Its 33 years of life guarantee a great experience in the field of food supplements. Plameca is an expert in Curarti® complexed curcumin with improved bioavailability, proof of which is the Curarti® osteoarticular range, whose brand image is Fernando Belasteguin, world number 1 for 15 consecutive years. It is also an expert in unpasteurized aloe vera juices, grown, processed and packaged in Spain, with the first organic and unpasteurized 100% aloe juice in Europe.


Plameca before the media

Last Tuesday, September 26th, Plameca offered a presentation to the media at the Espacio Cruz Bajo art gallery in Madrid's Salamanca neighborhood.

In the presence of more than 50 journalists from leading media outlets, the event aimed to discuss the latest trends in the sector, present the company and its evolution over its 33 years of existence, the wide range of natural products and food supplements it manufactures, and its future projects.

The event was a complete success and aroused a lot of interest among the attendees. You can learn more about the event by clicking here.