Fabián Carmona: "My goal is to be an increasingly complete Ironman triathlete".

Fabian Carmona is a young triathlete 26 years old from Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona). From Plameca we sponsor this triathlete specialized in distance Ironman (3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running) and we are counting on his point of view and sports knowledge for the development of new products for the Curarti osteoarticular line.®. Currently Fabian Carmona studies Physical Education Teaching at the University of Lleida and also has the title of trainer of triathlon.

-How did you start in the world of triathlons?

-Since he was a child, he had practiced mountain biking and had competed in mountain biking and mountain biking events. BMX. Later, for academic and work reasons I put it on the back burner and it was after a few years that I felt the need to get back into sports. I started training with some friends: first I went cycling with them, then I started running and ended up training in the pool. After a short time I was already taking part in triathlon competitions to test sensations. Since those first experiences in 2012 I have always wanted to go further. until today, when I compete in national and international competitions.

-In which discipline do you feel stronger: in the water, on the bike or running?

-Cycling has always been my passion and it is in cycling that I make the difference. Now I'm focused on improving in swimming and running, because my goal is to be a ironman triathlete more and more complete.

It is in the cycling discipline where Fabián Carmona makes the difference.
It is in the cycling discipline where Fabián Carmona makes the difference.

-What is more important for an ironman triathlon: fitness or training?

-Without a doubt, the training. Just think that only swimming 3.8 km requires a high level of training, as does only cycling 180 km or running a marathon (42.2 km). If we add all three together, the physical preparation is exaggeratedly high. To give an example, to prepare for this season I started training 6 months before the race, at an average of 15 hours a week... On the other hand, it is clear that the constitution of the person or having practiced sport all your life also influences, but the main thing is the training.

-What is your best result in an ironman competition?

-Last year I managed to finish the Ironman of Vichy (France) in 10 hours and 21 minutes. It was August 30 and it was terribly hot: during the marathon we were running at 35 degrees. In the end I came 146th out of about 2,500 participants. Next October 2, at the Barcelona IronmanI want to try to beat myself by improving the mark achieved in 2015.

-Why do you think ultra long-distance competitions are fashionable?

-In recent years, there has been a lot of promotion of this type of sport, for example, mountain races. ultra trail of many kilometers and with a lot of unevenness. These competitions are becoming more and more popular, and the ultra distance runners have a great social recognition due to its high hardness. That pushes many more people to start in this type of races. It is important that they do it in a rational way, that they prepare themselves little by little under the orders of a specialized trainer and above all that they do not push themselves beyond their possibilities.

-You run a lot of kilometers on the road, what do you do to keep your joints as low as possible?

-To recover from training and competitions, I usually take a recovery shake made up of carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids. In terms of supplements to protect my joints, I take daily the products from the line Plameca Curarti. Curarti Selectium with breakfast and Curarti Forte after each training session. In addition, for competitions, I use the new Curarti Attack.  My recovery is much faster and I am back in optimal conditions to continue training in less time".

-You are the coach of Trienergy Training, a training group of 15 people from all over Spain: runners, cyclists and triathletes. Tell us how you do it to be a remote coach.

-The project started with two friends who wanted to get started in the world of triathlon and who asked me to train them to compete in triathlons. Later, thanks to word of mouth and the diffusion on social networks, Trienergy Training has been growing and has even spread to different parts of the Spanish geography: Catalonia, Murcia and the Basque Country. As a trainer, I elaborate training and nutrition plans customized to each athlete. These plans are completely individualized since each athlete has different goals, needs and schedules. I am in contact with them by phone, by mail and by WhatsappI am happy to answer your questions. I like to have your feedback and help them in everything they may need.