Juan Manuel Desvalls: "There is a growing awareness of natural products".

Juan Manuel Desvalls is the director of the Plameca Export Department for the last 8 years. After graduating in Law, he obtained a Higher Diploma in Foreign Trade and this is where his professional career has been directed. He has been working in foreign trade for 27 years in companies in the food and beverage sector. health and wellness. We talked to him about the internationalization of Plameca and on foreign market trends.

-Is the recovery of interest in natural products also occurring in other countries?

-Yes, there is a growing interest in natural products. We see it through the national and international market, when we visit customers or attend fairs. There is a growing awareness of natural products. Consumers value the fact that back to the rootsThe company is committed to the development of new products, avoiding the side effects of certain drugs and supporting more environmentally friendly manufacturing systems.

-In the food supplements market, is Spain among the leading countries?

-In my opinion, yes. Spain is at the forefront both in terms of formulated products and active ingredients. There is an increasing Spanish presence in international markets. At the annual food products fair in Switzerland, Spain is among the top producers in the world in terms of both formulated products and active ingredients. top five in terms of exhibitors and visitors.

-Does the company's export strategy run parallel to that of the Suanfarma group, to which Plameca belongs?

-The Suanfarma Group has had an international vocation since its incorporation in 1993, while Plameca has been exporting for eight years. Suanfarma mainly exports active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, while Plameca exports food supplements (finished products). Thus, these are different markets and different strategies.

-Which Plameca products have more international projection? What do you value about them?

-The best received products are those in the ranges of propolis (Summum Propol) y aloe vera (Aloe Verum). They are valued for the quality and certifications they can offer. PlamecaWe also value the European origin of our products, such as ISO 21000 for Food Safety and the organic certification of some of our products. Its European origin is also valued, since we must not forget that we are exporting to 4 continents.

-How do you envision Plameca in 2020 in terms of internationalization?

-For the next few years, we expect consistent sales growth. Throughout these 8 years, we have sown a lot. We have registered many products that we will soon be able to market in different countries. That is why I believe that, by 2020, we will be able to double our international turnover.