Royal Jelly, a help for spring asthenia

The spring asthenia is a temporary disorder of our organism, characterized by the lack of vitality and feeling of weakness both physically and intellectually. One of the remedies that nature gives us to combat it is the royal jellya product derived from beekeeping, which contains a variety of nutrients.

Spring is a time linked to changes for our body. On the one hand, there is the rise in temperatures, which is responsible for hormonal disordersOn the other hand, the time change, which affects the circadian rhythms of sleep due to the alteration of day and night.

There are people who have difficulty adapting to these changes, and suffer consequences such as weakness throughout the body, symptoms of depression, difficulty concentrating, low vitality, feelings of sadness, lack of capacity for physical and mental effort... this is what is known as spring asthenia, a disorder that should not be considered an illness.


Healthy diet, sports and royal jelly

To reduce the effects of spring asthenia, it is ideal to follow a healthy diet combined with an active lifestyle and support the body with a food supplement, such as the royal jelly.

Royal jelly is a perfect food supplement for the spring season. It contains multiple nutrients that provide energy to the body.

It comes from beekeeping, and is manufactured by bees to feed the worker larvae during the first days of their life, as well as the queen larvae forever. For this purpose, it contains vitamins, minerals and active ingredients for the proper functioning of the organism.

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