NEW Curarti Attack!

We welcome the month of September with CURARTI ATTACK, the new product of the Curarti Line.

Curarti Attack is used in an initial or attack phase, as it is the highest concentration of Curarti® Complexed Curcumin for the most rebellious days. Curarti Attack is the nº 1 in bioavailability and concentration of turmeric per tablet.

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Did you know that...

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) was first used in India between 610 BC and 320 BC as a dye for wool and a basic element of Ayurvedic medicine, now spread over 5 continents.
As turmeric consumption continues to grow and become popular, so does the recognition of its multiple benefits.


Turmeric longa is a herbaceous plant cultivated for its lateral roots with tuber-like thickening (the part used and responsible for its yellow color).

And it is curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, which is responsible for its activity in our body.

As you already know, conventional curcumin is not very soluble in water and has a short half-life, so its absorption is very limited in the digestive tract.


However, at Plameca we have solved this important limitation. Our R&D Department has developed an innovative formula, transforming conventional curcumin into a much more water-soluble and assimilable complex. As a result, we have obtained Curarti® Complexed Curcumin, 45 times more concentrated than other curcumin on the market.