The 4 must-have products in your suitcase this summer

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Vacations are just around the corner and with them the trips, the mismatches in meals and sleep, the famous jetlag, the intense days of sightseeing, visiting unknown cities and places full of nature to discover. We know that it is an intense time of the year for our body and at the same time it is time to recharge our batteries to get through the rest of the year.

That's why, in today's blog we want to tell you which are the 4 products you should take with you this summer and, in addition, we are going to give you the best reasons to make them a must-have for you.

1 Long live the beach and Digestíssimoh!



Summer is full of excesses: the daily binges at the beach bar, ice cream parlors abound wherever you go (it seems that they chase us) and of course, in the end you have to buy your favorite ice cream because your body asks for it. And the copious dinners at late at night, followed by a mojito to cool off on a terrace at midnight with friends. We understand that you want to enjoy, it's time for it and we are not going to fool ourselves, we don't like to limit ourselves. Digestíssimoh! will help you to speed up heavy digestions and not feel so bloated after each meal. Avoid heaviness and reflux caused by excesses and enjoy.


2 Your secret for coping better with long queues and sunny excursions

Venalight APROBADA 03052018


Are you visiting a city this summer? Do you plan to go on long hikes and treks in the mountains or to a jungle destination?

Many are the miles traveled in summer sightseeing and discovering new places, and more are the hours spent on your feet visiting famous monuments, and all this in full sun and high temperatures!

The oppressive heat of this time of year can cause our legs to suffer the consequences. Not only that, but your job may require you to be on your feet for long periods of time, or you may simply suffer from circulation problems in the leg area.

Plameca advises you not to leave Venalight Plus in your suitcase and to follow these simple tips;

  1. Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time and try to move your legs from time to time to avoid maintaining the same posture.
  2. Whenever possible, get moving, it will help your blood circulate. Walking at least 15-20 minutes a day is highly recommended for your health. In addition, spending time walking at a good pace will help you lose weight and stay in shape.
  3. High heels... our great allies for party nights. However, for everyday wear, it is advisable to wear a medium heel that does not exceed 3 centimeters in height, these will help you tone your calves.
  4. And why not? Take advantage and give yourself a relaxing leg massage to increase circulation and alleviate the symptoms of possible swelling.

3 Goodbye jetlag!



If you are one of those who are going to take a plane to another continent, you will have to be prepared to cope with the famous jetlag. These trips cause changes in our organism: schedules are modified, meal times are delayed and bedtime... you can't even imagine!


If you have difficulty falling asleep due to changes in your vacation routine, do not hesitate to bring with you Melanoctina. It will help you sleep peacefully so that when you want to count the tenth sheep you are already dreaming deeply.


4 sun, sun and more sun, but with hydration.

aloeverum topicum

If what awaits you this summer are long days in the sun, protect yourself and take care of your skin before, during and after sun exposure. Whether you go to the beach, to the mountains or to a hot city, do not forget to bring Aloe Verum Topicum. In the latest Blog We have been talking about the serious consequences of exposing our skin to the sun, especially during those hours when the sun is higher and therefore more harmful.

A tip: apply it after a good fresh shower, you will feel the natural freshness of aloe on your skin. Its natural ingredients will help you to keep your skin beautiful and well cared for.

Take these 4 products with you wherever you go and make the most of the plans you make.

We look forward to seeing you next week here on Plameca's Blog, have a great day!