Books on medicinal plants: our suggestions for International Book Day

April 23rd is approaching, International Book Day. It is a commemoration promoted since 1995 by the UNESCO to promote reading, the publishing industry and copyright. The date of April 23 coincides with the deaths of writers of the stature of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. At Plameca We would like to join in this commemoration by offering you some titles. Are you interested in the world of the medicinal plants? Our R&D director, Manu Llabrésproposes three classic reference books for those who do not age. Here they go.


Medicinal plants. The renewed Dioscorides, by Pío Font Quer (Ediciones Península). This is a very complete guide to medicinal plants, with almost 700 plants reviewed, which the author wrote after more than 20 years of research. The description of each plant includes information to easily identify them, their chemical composition, their therapeutic virtues, their mode of use and a review of the published studies of each plant, since the time of the Greek physician Discorides (1st century) and his commentators Pietro Andrea Mattioli and Andrés Laguna. The book by Pío Font Querfirst published in 1961, has been renewed in successive editions, the last one in 2016.


Applied Phytotherapyby Juan Bautista Peris Gispert et al(Official College of Pharmacists of Valencia). The work of Peris, Stübing and Vanaclocha is a true encyclopedia on phytotherapy, very suitable for students and health professionals. It explains how medicinal plants are obtained and the most commonly used pharmaceutical dosage forms, and it dwells on the active principles and properties of the different species. In the last part of the treatise, the plants are structured in clinical specialties: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urinary, metabolism, locomotor, skin, mucous membranes, etc. The book condenses an enormous amount of information in a manageable and pleasant work for consultation and reading.


Field guide to the flowers of Spain, Portugal and Southwest France, by Oleg Polunin (Ediciones Omega). If you want to take advantage of the good weather and what you are looking for is a reference manual to take with you on your excursions, you should know that Oleg Polunin's guide describes the 23 most beautiful botanical regions of southwestern Europe and includes maps and landscape photographs. The book compiles more than 2,400 plant species with precise explanations that will help you to recognize each one of them.


If you also want to make a recommendation related to medicinal plants and natural wellness, as always, you can leave your comment at the end of this post, I'm sure your opinion can be useful for many other people!