Raw food: I prefer it raw

The raw food (raw foodis a type of diet based on unprocessed foods (generally organic products), consumed raw or cooked at just over 40 degrees Celsius. This trend is based on the belief that the higher the percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits.


There are different branches of raw foodall of them characterized by raw food or food cooked at moderate temperature. Thus the raw omnivorous diet includes foods of animal origin: eggs, fish (such as sashimi), meats (such as carpaccio) and unpasteurized dairy products (cheeses, yogurt and milks). However, the animals from which these products are derived must have been raised in fields (not overcrowded on a farm) and fed exclusively on grass.


Much more widespread is the raw vegan diet o raw vegan. This only includes foods of plant origin: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, etc.. Its followers follow this trend for health and environmental reasons (respect for animals and a commitment to organic food).


Arguments in favor of raw food

  • As early as 1900, Ann Wigmore and Herbert Shelton, parents of the raw foodThe theory was that raw vegetables and fruits were the ideal food for human beings. According to their theory, the enzymes in living foods interact with other substances such as enzymes produced by the organism itself to aid digestion, in addition to being a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


  • Another of their beliefs was that raw foods include bacteria and other benign microorganisms that enhance the immune system by populating the gut with beneficial bacteria. These benign microorganisms die with cooking.


  • Foods subjected to high temperatures (over 46-48 degrees Celsius) for more than 3 minutes begin to lose their properties, especially enzymes and vitamins. On the other hand, in an article on the purification of the organismOur nutritionist Iolanda Almirall has already warned us that "cooking at very high temperatures generates free radicals".



  • Those who follow a diet raw food -including celebrities such as the singers Robbie Williams y Bryan Adams or the actress Demi Moore- claim to notice other benefits, such as improved skin appearance, greater energy, more emotional peace of mind and better weight control.


Without taking it to the extreme

  • There are also arguments against the raw food. Most nutritionists believe that a healthy diet should be as varied as possible.


  • In fact, there are few people who eat 100% raw foodbut rather combine it with other types of diets. David Wolfie, one of the major precursors of raw food, says that every dish should be more than 50% raw food and vegan. If so, both the mind and the digestive system already identify him as such. He composes his menus with this rule in mind.


  • Not all people are the same and many stomachs cannot tolerate a completely raw or vegan diet. In short, there are many nutritionists who advocate that the raw food is not a valid option for everyone, nor should it be the cornerstone of a diet.


[resum] [resumRaw food is a diet based on foods of organic origin, unprocessed and consumed raw or cooked at moderate temperatures. There are several currents within the raw food and the most popular is the raw vegan diet. Some of the celebrities who have popularized this trend are Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams or Demi Moore. [/resume]