Heart / Cholesterol

Heart / Cholesterol

Keep your cholesterol in check with Policol One improved Formula

We present to you Policol One improved Formula, a food supplement that helps to keep your cholesterol in check and your liver [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

Policol One: Say goodbye to cholesterol and keep your liver and heart in good shape!

It keeps cholesterol levels at bay, protects the heart and liver, and purifies the body of toxins. All [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

Exercises to improve the health of your heart

Any exercise you do that increases your heart rate, improve the health of your heart. But life, sometimes, [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

5 tips to control hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, consists of an increase in blood pressure and is a disease considered silent, [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

Recipe: Salmon rolls

Salmon is a source of good fats, proteins and is rich in Omega 3 and Omega-3 fatty acids.


Plameca's food supplements in "Piérdete y disfruta" of Gestiona Radio

J.M. Llabrés, Plameca's technical director, recently attended the radio program "Piérdete y disfruta" (Get lost and enjoy), directed and presented by the [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

• NEW RELEASE • Policol One

We are very pleased to announce our new product! Policol One, the new supplement Plameca, has a triple action:

Quality of life

How you should eat during menopause

Hormonal changes, emotional ups and downs, sweating and hot flashes, insomnia... The transition to menopause can be a nightmare. To these discomforts [...]


Ayurvedic medicine, gugul, and cholesterol

The gugul is a resinous substance extracted from the bark of the Commiphora mukul, a small tree of the family [...]


10 benefits of running

More and more people have decided to get in shape with running. If you are one of them, [...]