Sense therapies: music therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy

Human beings are guided by their senses, by what they see, what they hear or what they smell. Without them, we would not be able to choose, to want, to enjoy... Our senses are in charge of making us enjoy our experiences. The stimulation of our mind is essential, since it is the operative center where sensations are processed and understood so that the senses can execute them.

Through them, therapies have been developed whose effect is beneficial to the mood and health of our body. Among them, we can distinguish three: music therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy.


Music Therapy

It is a therapy that uses music as a medicine. Its main function is to improve the state of health and well-being of the patient. Music allows you to isolate yourself from the world, and as therapy happens the same. It is useful both for rehabilitation and educational treatments to calm children and in programs to improve individual well-being.

There are two ways to perform this therapy:

- Active: Playing instruments, singing and performing music.

- Receptive: As the word indicates, it consists of listening to music as a way of relaxation.


This way of using music allows working on different aspects of the person. Mainly, they are sensory aspects, although it also helps a lot to work motor skills and cognitive aspects, which have to do with memory and learning. Finally, it helps to control emotions.

The main reason music therapy is used is to evoke our brain and help it relax and control emotions.



Aromatherapy consists of using the sense of smell. It is a therapeutic treatment focused on the use of natural oils extracted from plants, flowers and trees. Its main function is to alleviate physical ailments and diseases, but like the previous one, it serves to balance mood and emotions.


The first step when starting a therapy is to elaborate an analysis of the patient to know his state of mind. The form of application of this therapy can be by means of: massage, aromatic baths, poultice and internal use.



The essential element is color, but each one has a different meaning. Chromotherapy is related to the energy that comes from the sun and the earth to generate projection techniques. Colloquially said, it is similar to reiki.

The differences in shades are important, but more important is the way in which it is used. If you use colorful garments in the upper body area, it is related to the emotional world, desires and needs. However, the lower body conveys information about the strength, power and inner dynamics of the person. Actually, colors have a direct influence on the person, they define their way of being, depending on the way they are used.

The therapist must place the colors in a very precise way on the patient, because if he/she makes a mistake it can cause opposite effects. It is a therapy that greatly influences the mood and control psychic illnesses.