States of mind

States of mind

Anxiety: symptoms and techniques to alleviate anxiety

More and more people experience anxiety, both occasionally and on a regular basis. The fear of uncertainty, of what will happen [...]

States of mind

5 ways to avoid holiday stress

Have you started with the Christmas preparations and are you already feeling the Christmas stress? You're probably planning your Christmas menus [...]

States of mind

Sense therapies: music therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy

Human beings are guided by their senses, by what they see, what they hear or what they smell. Without [...]

Quality of life


Achieving a total and balanced harmony between body and mind has extraordinary benefits for our health, both physical and mental.

States of mind

Our new release "Tryptophan forte and Calmacarum forte". Tips to have a good day!

Having a good day is something that depends largely on us. It depends on our attitude, our routines, habits... [...] [...

States of mind

It's Xmas! Plameca's Christmas playlist.

Colored lights, gifts, decorated and illuminated trees, family, friends, magic, illusion... Christmas is here! Plameca has [...]

States of mind

Relaxing music for days of couch and blanket! Plameca's playlist.

The cold has arrived and the days are getting shorter and shorter. At this time of the year, we feel like [...]

Quality of life

Happy back to the routine! Plameca's new playlist.

We know that the return to routine is sometimes difficult, but even so, you cannot lower your spirits, since [...]

Quality of life

Royal Jelly, a help for spring asthenia

Spring asthenia is a temporary disorder of our organism, characterized by a lack of vitality and a feeling of weakness.

Weight Control

Show off a gorgeous figure with DonnaBella® Slim

Are you a woman with a positive spirit? Do you fight with determination for what you want? Do you like to take care of yourself? DonnaBella® is inspired by [...]

Quality of life

Stress and anxiety? take it easy!

There is a lot of talk about knowing how to manage stress because this alteration is usually associated with something harmful, but it does not have [...]


10 benefits of running

More and more people have decided to get in shape with running. If you are one of them, [...]