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Recovery, the pending post-exercise task

There is a belief that the more we give of ourselves (in sports, at work and, ultimately, in life), the more we [...]

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I have trouble sleeping well, what can I do?

You get in bed. Back and forth. You do not manage to go to bed, you put yourself nervous... and so one night after the other. [...]

John oCallaghan
Healthy Indications

5 ways to get back to the routine with recharged batteries

It is a time of changes, of resuming obligations, of going back to school, to work, to university... And all of this after [...]

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Launching Melanoctina Dream All Night Long

Melanoctin® Sleep all night is the new food supplement of the Melanoctin® line. It is a product based on melatonin, [...]

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6 steps to better sleep

Researchers constantly warn of the importance of respecting the hours of sleep. There are numerous disorders that can be [...]

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Melanoctina, dream all night long and rest!

Sleeping without rest alters our daily life and our organism. Sleep problems and insufficient sleep can lead to [...]

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Your 5 allies during the vacation season

The vacations are just around the corner. Our time to recharge our batteries, rest and enjoy has come and [...]


Melatonin to regulate the rhythm of sleep

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, located between the two hemispheres, in the back of the brain. [...]

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Insomnia: the habits to achieve a good night's sleep

Insomnia is one the disorders that most affects our society. It is estimated that between 8% and [...]