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Healthy Indications

Everything you should know about vitamin K

Vitamin K is not one of the best known vitamins, but that does not mean that it does not play a role in [...]


Turmeric, a spice with medicinal properties

Turmeric is the tuber of Curcuma longa, a plant of the Zingiberaceae family, that is to say, of the [...]

Trends and curiosities

Series, documentaries and books for inspiration

It always comes in handy, but in the current circumstances even more so. Today we bring you a list of series, documentaries and movies [...]


How to prepare a natural disinfectant gel?

One of the WHO's advice to prevent the spread of all diseases, including coronavirus or 2019-nCoV, is to [...]


Matcha tea, do you know its benefits?

Matcha tea is an essential component of your diet that provides you with multiple vitamins such as vitamin A, group A and [...]

Weight Control

Diez Minutos endorses Plan21's products

Four readers of Diez Minutos magazine test Plan 21 products for a month and explain their experience in the [...]

Trends and curiosities

4 destinations to spend a fairytale Christmas

We are on a long weekend and Christmas is approaching. We are sure that you will take advantage of these holidays to start [...]

Quality of life

Is eating a yogurt and a piece of fruit healthy?

How many times have we heard that "today a light dinner, a yogurt and a piece of fruit, and then we'll [...]

Trends and curiosities

Raw veganism

Raw veganism is a style of eating and diet based on raw vegetables and fruits. Derived from veganism, raw veganism [...]

Healthy Indications

Natural remedies for hair loss made at home

An effective way to prevent hair loss, apart from taking foods that help you, as we mentioned last week, is to [...]

Healthy Indications

Brewer's yeast and 7 other foods to prevent hair loss

At Plameca we have spent the whole month giving you tips on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to avoid the fall of the [...]

Trends and curiosities

We show you 5 exotic destinations to lose yourself in

"Once a year travel somewhere you have never been before", Dalai Lama If you are from [...]

Quality of life

Mindfulness: Living in the present

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why did I react like that? Or even said to yourself in front of the mirror: "I should have reacted [...]

States of mind

Sense therapies: music therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy

Human beings are guided by their senses, by what they see, what they hear or what they smell. Without [...]

Trends and curiosities

The 9 most beautiful towns in Spain to visit during Easter Week

Easter is finally here! From Plameca we wish you all happy vacations. Since Christmas you don't have a break and [...]

Quality of life


Achieving a total and balanced harmony between body and mind has extraordinary benefits for our health, both physical and mental.

Trends and curiosities

Film diets

Hollywood diets Learn about the most surprising diets that some Hollywood actors and actresses have followed to experience a [...]

Quality of life

Celebrities rely on the properties of aloe vera

Taking care of yourself in a natural way is the order of the day. The ecological, sustainable and responsible trend is a fact, and [...]